Cassette in special packaging · (Vanity Recordings / Black Psychosis)

When only pieces remain from a life of trauma, no dedication to the ego is too great. When the aftertaste of shame and guilt is unending and all-consuming, no offering of blood is sufficient. When every waking moment is a nightmare, no dosage is high enough.

CONCRETE MASCARA is proud to announce the newest document of depravity, Delusion Rituals. This cassette documents two complete live performances, from United Forces of Industrial II and M.A.P.S. Fest respectively. These recordings contain live renditions of material from Blossoms of Shame, History of Ruin and The Pursuit of Hedonism in a Police State.

There are two editions of this cassette. The regular edition is limited to 80 copies and comes with hand-printed artwork in a sealed bag. The art edition [SOLD OUT] is limited to 20 hand-numbered copies and comes with two additional prints and additional packaging for the cassette, all of which was designed and executed by Si Clark.

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