10" MLP · (Unrest Productions)
Unpunished : Appendix features tracks which were conceived around the time of Unpunished, and then took on a different form once the album was completed. Although certain tracks echo those on Unpunished, this Appendix is a new investigation based on... (See More)
10" MLP · (CW Productions)

Limited black vinyl pressing of the 2005 tape with standard jacket and 12"x18" double-sided poster.

Recorded live in November 2005 and released in different self-released editions in the years to follow, this rehearsal demo includes different versions of the songs... (See More)
10" MLP · (Fudgeworthy Recods)


Thee true spirit of black noise is back with 10 crushing new songs... get it now!! Limited edition on mixed white/black vinyl.

10" MLP · (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions)

In the beginning, there was molten lava and insects ruled the Earth. More primitive sounds of the early stages in HAIL's evolution. An unreleased demo from 2001.

For those who are unaware, HAIL is the solo project of Dirtmaster... (See More)
10" MLP · (Morbid Metal Records / Rex Bagude)

Their 2012 demo tape now on 10" vinyl. Four infernal tracks of old school Satanic Death Metal from Texas in the vein of INCANTATION, INFESTER, demos-era AMON/DEICIDE or early IMMOLATION. Recorded to mark the 20th anniversary of the release... (See More)
10" MLP · (Blud Auk Tapes)

The first demo from MORS ATRA CRUCIS committed to vinyl. MORS ATRA CRUCIS is FG (SATANIZE) on drums and George Proctor (WHITE MEDAL, SUMP, etc.) on guitars and vox. Disturbing Black/Death Metal darkness designed to unite North and South... (See More)
10" MLP · (Diseased Audio)


15 songs of Chicago Power Violence. Black vinyl limited to 400 copies.

10" MLP · (Unsound Recordings)


An extraordinary document of calculating industrial/noise. Life in England under the full weight of the opposition. The collaboration between SHIFT and HAL HUTCHINSON. Officially released at the Unrest Over Prague event 4/5/13. Limited to 196 copies.

10" MLP · (Kuunpalvelus)

A short & sweet mini-LP of amateurish, traditional neo-folk. Highly recommended, especially for those who enjoy the more folkish elements of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS or releases on the Pesanta Urfolk label.

10" MLP · (Unrest Productions)

Genre legend STREICHER returns with his signature style of hateful and caustic extreme electronics, and goes head to head against the frantic, violent scrap metal abuse and vitriol of Australian newcomer TOTENRUNE. One lengthy track of abrasive, genocidal Harsh... (See More)
10" MLP · (Howling Mine)

Reissue of the excellent 2011 release.

After the more spaced-out and shoegazey LP Summit, Baton Rouge's THOU return to their downtuned roots with this 24-minute "EP". Four tracks of intense, crushing doom/sludge from the modern masters. Absolutely mandatory.

Limited to 500 copies.

10" MLP · (War Anthem Records)

Finally a new cult split from these two true veterans of the Swedish death metal! Featuring ex-members of EDGE OF SANITY, MARDUK, GOD MACABRE and PAN.THY.MONIUM, TORMENTED play dead-raising old school death metal for the fans of real horror... (See More)
10" MLP
Self-released split 10" of raw black metal. URZEIT is a duo comprised of RF (TRIUMVIR FOUL, ASH BORER, CEREBRATE, etc.) and A.L.N. (HELL, מזמור), while AKATHARSIA includes T. (FELL VOICES), J. (BOAR WORSHIP), M. (NEGATIVE STANDARDS) and G. (ex-LYCUS).

Limited edition... (See More)
10" MLP · (Filth & Violence)

Aggressive, offensive and frankly downright nasty PE/industrial/noise from the UK. If you think this might not be for you, it isn't.

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