Woven Patch · (Triumphant Transgressions)

High quality woven logo patch. HAIL is the sickening black metal solo project of Dirtmaster (WORMPHLEGM, DEATH CITADEL, LEGACIES UNCHAIN).

Cassette w/ Poster · (Wrath)


Crude, filthy, erotomaniac harsh noise from the US. Comes with an A4 poster. Limited to 75 copies.

Woven Patch · (Triumphant Transgressions)

High quality woven patch. Finnish kings of adult-oriented black metal music.

Embroidered Patch · (Analog Worship)

High quality embroidered 2.5" x 4.5" LUCIATION logo patch from the sold out Manifestation in Unholy Blackness LP. Just found a few leftovers in a drawer.

Embroidered Patch · (Noir Sur Noir)


High quality 3.5" x 4.5" embroidered NSN logo patch.

Cassette w/ Poster · (Occult Doctrine)

Vicious and noisy Anti-Abrahamic Black Metal from Los Angeles. Members of the Hyper Kaos Elite. Pro-tape and 3-panel J-card. Comes with a folded poster. Limited to 100 copies.

Woven Patch · (Triumphant Transgressions)

High quality woven logo patch with metallic ink printing. Imperial Finnish Funeral Doom.

Cassette w/ Patch · (Divergent Series)


Bass/Guitar/Drums combine with scraps of electronics and samples to create a whirlwind of heavy sludge. Raw metal industrial.

Pro-dubbed cassette. Includes an Obi strip and a woven patch.

Woven Patch · (Gutter Disease)


Gutter Disease is very proud to release the first official patch for the long-running US Death Industrial outfit SEWER GODDESS. Patches measure 10 x 7 cm and are limited to 120 copies.

Cassette w/ Poster · (Fuck Mtn. Ltd. Release)

Drawing comparisons to RU-486 and M AX NOI MACH, this release from STRAIGHT PANIC is much more beat-oriented and industrial than most others, though still fiercely couched in the politics of Queer Intifada. 8 studio tracks on the A... (See More)
Woven Patch · (Triumphant Transgressions)

High quality woven logo patch. Torture Doom from Finland.

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