7" · (Analog Worship / Fuck Yoga)

Co-released with the mighty Fuck Yoga from Macedonia. Europeans are strongly encouraged to order their copies direct from our partner in crime.

Under the banner of molestification (the Finnish way), the forces of RIDE FOR REVENGE and SATANIC TORMENT have united... (See More)
7" · (Analog Worship)

A split 7" of absolute ferocity from two of Canada's best current bands.

RADIOACTIVE VOMIT emerged in 2010 with their debut demo Vomit Command Until Suicide. Using the foundation laid by legends such as BLASPHEMY and CONQUEROR, they imbued the blackened... (See More)
7" · (Those Opposed Records)


Ten years after the legendary Weaving Fates album, AGATUS returned in 2011 with these two brand new tracks. Epic black/heavy metal with balls. Limited to 500 copies in total, on gold vinyl [this] or black vinyl.

7" · (Those Opposed Records)


Ten years after the legendary Weaving Fates album, AGATUS returned in 2011 with these two brand new tracks. Epic black/heavy metal with balls. Limited to 500 copies in total, on gold vinyl or black vinyl [this].

7" · (Colloquial Sound Recordings)

In a scene where crawling up one's own ass is celebrated as being "true," "evil" or "misanthropic," AKSUMITE offers up a throbbing middle finger to this planet of fakers, pussies and weekend warriors.

Primitive for life. Become the green-eyed hyenas.... (See More)
7" · (Dark Descent)

Japanese death/doom freaks ANATOMIA team up with LIVING DECAY, Georgia's (US) young death metal sensations, to bring you two new tracks (one from each band) clocking in around six and a... (See More)
7" · (No Posers Please!)

Upon hearing ANATOMIA, coming from Japan, it becomes shockingly evident that having been fed with too many daily episodes of torture comedy hour on TV as a child can compel you to play doomy gore death metal in adulthood!... (See More)
7" · (Abysmal Sounds)
Emerging from dark and unknown lands, ASUBHA unleash their debut EP Le Jésuve. Two tracks of furious yet refined black metal lit by the raging fires of old, Le Jésuve draws on the traditions of the Swedish, French and ... (See More)
7" · (Final Agony)

Invectives conjures the ancient spirits of European black metal in an uncompromising homage to heritage and death.

ASUBHA performs pure black metal invoking the deathlike melodies of EMPEROR and ABIGOR's demos.

ATTRALIA is dedicated to carrying... (See More)
7" · (Graceless Recordings)
AUROCH spits forth from Vancouver, Canada with two new and exclusive tracks. Blistering Black/Death Metal with a nod to the old way. Technical and razor sharp. Featuring members of the Death-gods MITOCHONDRION, AUROCH stand alone and tower above all their... (See More)
7" · (All Dead Tapes / Filth & Violence / Legion Blotan)

Two sides of lo-fi crawling misery from AXNAAR, the solo Black Metal and Filthy Noise project of Gareth Howells (SUMP, NIDERUNG, et al.). Analog darkness from a forgotten decadent past. 300 copies on black vinyl. Copies from Filth &... (See More)
7" · (Wealth of Abuse / Filth & Violence / Lost Empires Records)


UK filthy black metal vs. Finnish depraved power electronics. Highest possible recommendation.

7" · (Saturnal Records)


First ever reissue of this cult 7" EP from the Finnish black metal pioneers BARATHRUM. Previously released in 1997. Comes with the black-on-black cover artwork the band and the label originally planned.

7" · (Filth & Violence)

Even more BIZARRE UPROAR. This EP from 2010 features some incredibly unsettling collage imagery, with a full-color cover and three inserts. Sonically, this is the same harsh and dirty power electronics you would expect from the project, which... (See More)
7" · (Trash Ritual)

We received some copies of this long out-of-print release from the defunct label. Released in 2010. Two legendary industrial noise acts on one release. Limited to 300 copies.

7" · (Filth & Violence / Lost Empires Records)


Brand new split 7" from two of Finland's (and the world's) finest power electronics artists. Limited to 190 copies. Absolutely mandatory release. Enough said.

Apologies for the high price, but wholesale + shipping from Finland was not cheap.

7" · (Trash Ritual)

We received some copies of this long out-of-print release from the defunct label. Released in 2009. Absolutely vicious industrial/PE from Sweden. Features Kristian Olsson (ALFARMANIA) and MANIAC COP. Limited to 200 copies.

7" · (Dark Descent)

Two of the best doom-influenced death metal bands join forces to bring you two brand new crushing and suffocating tracks on this single 7". When conjuring up a split 7", the idea of ANATOMIA and BURIAL INVOCATION was an... (See More)
Gatefold 7" · (Hells Headbangers)

3 new studio tracks from the Danish horde which show a new progression in both sound and musicanship. Comes in a hard-gatefold cover.


"One of Denmark's finest Black/Death metal hordes. Superb musicanship and a fuzzy and... (See More)
7" · (Filth & Violence / Untergeschoss)


CONCRETE MASCARA have steadily carved their path to the very bottom of US power electronics gutter. Unbelievably heavy and insanely rotten sound melts your face. Manic obsessed vocals tear waste flesh like rusty scalpels.

7" · (Tour de Garde / Iron Bonehead)


The unreleased follow up to the debut Be like Death demo, two songs of crude and atmospheric black metal recorded in New York City in 2010. CURVED BLADE features members of AKITSA, ASH POOL and BONE AWL.

7" · (Iron Lung Records)
Australia's power duo, DEAD BOOMERS, are inspired by the social security draining, fully retired tumor of society commonly known as the baby boomer generation. Home-made instruments and a sage selection of power electronics are the basic tools used to deliver... (See More)
7" · (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Raw Chilean occult black/death metal. Members of ATOMICIDE, UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN, OCTAGRAM, MILITIA OF DEATH, etc. Worship Him...

7" · (Final Agony)
Mystical union between DÉLIQUESCENCE and NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR; DÉLIQUESCENCE delivers another offering of Antinomian Black Metal, honoring the Horned One on this Samhain night. NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR offers a twisted ritual, exploring new sounds while staying true to its reputation;... (See More)
7" · (All Dead Tapes / Lupus)


First release for Manchester, UK's finest. Rough and raucous punk for fans of FLIPPER, PISSED JEANS, DRUNKS WITH GUNS, POISON IDEA, mid-'80s BLACK FLAG, etc.

7" · (Antipatik Records)
DISGUSTING SANCTUM (ex-COMA DETOX) delivers 2 tracks with over 7 minutes per side of Post-Mortem Power Electronics/Industrial on his first vinyl release. Limited to 100 copies.

Apologies for the very high price, but due to the high wholesale cost due to... (See More)
7" · (Legion Blotan)

Although no introduction should be necessary... Legion Blotan is proud to present the latest work by Swiss masters of blackened trash GHOST KOMMANDO! Two side-long tracks of elite metal. Limited to 250 copies on black vinyl, professionally printed glossy... (See More)
7" · (Trash Ritual)
We received some copies of this long out-of-print release from the defunct label. Released in 2009. Killer noise/PE split. MANIA is well known to all one would hope, while GILLES DE RAIS ORDER is rather more mysterious... this is their... (See More)
7" · (Legion of Wrath Productions)
GORPHYRYAC unleash 2 songs of bestial shark-thrashing madness, while NEXWOMB summon a relentless hymn to the perverse fall to ruin through the medium of occult black death metal.

220 pressed (80 nuclear yellow and 140 black), all hand-numbered and professionally printed... (See More)
7" · (Running Through The Blood Productions / Repulsive Evil Productions)

GRUESOME TOILET is old school MEAT SHITS/ANAL CUNT-stlye noisecore from the sick mind of Ray Rivera (NAZARENE WHORE, FELLATRIX MORGUE, JHESU MASTURBATOR, etc.). GROTESQUE DEFORMITIES is the long-running putrid solo noise grind project of Adam Rotella (REGURGITATED CORPSE, ANAL... (See More)
7" · (Legion Blotan)

Legion Blotan is proud to present the 7" version of Vermin Extermination by Finnish raw black metal horde HAKARISTI. These four tracks, only the second release by the band, were originally issued on tape format in 2015, which sold... (See More)
7" · (Csikar Records)


The rawest Power Electronics / Extreme Spoken Word stuff, period. No delay, or digital clipping, just filthy analog mixer distortion. Clean vocals, with utterly degenerated Hungarian lyrics. Vinyl version limited to only 100 copies.

7" · (Can O' Bees)

HATRED SURGE continue their heavy metal evolution with the new track "Purgatory", piecing together the elements from every subfacet of the genre: the dirge, the mother riff, the dynamics. Written and recorded shortly after their upcom,ing album Human Overdose,... (See More)
7" · (Pesanta Urfolk)


A split EP of scathing and austere doom, featuring Kentucky's HIGHGATE and Quebec's GHÄST. Heavyweight 7" with insert. Standard edition on black vinyl, limited to 323 copies.

7" · (Vault of Dried Bones / Iron Bonehead)
The Iron Clan returns. IMPOSER are set to destroy the inferior with the pulverizing Contra Omnia EP. Hailing from Italy, this 3-song EP marks their 4th studio recording. Recorded in one take without triggers, vocal effects or editing; IMPOSER reveal... (See More)
7" · (Nuclear Winter Records)

The first vinyl abomination from the Hellenic horde IMPURE WORSHIP is finally unleashed, including three new tracks and a cover of "Dwelling of the Unholy Ghost" from the mighty BESTIAL SUMMONING. Raw and perverse black metal in the vein... (See More)
7" · (Viva Angel Edition)


Devastating harsh noise release featuring exclusive tracks from these long-running titans. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies; these are some of the last remaining copies.

7" · (Discipline)

On May 24 2008, both bands presented one unreleased track at a live ritual (O Culto à Morte) played along with DOLENTIA, TUMULUM and INVERNO ETERNO. Five years have now passed, and Discipline is proud to present both tracks,... (See More)
7" · (New Era Productions)


Limited black vinyl EP.

7" · (100 Pieces Of Ammunition Records)


A new 7" EP from ISTIDRAJ, underground cult black metal band from Singapore. This EP contains two tracks originally presented on a split tape with LUGER, pressed to vinyl for the first time.

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

7" · (Psychedelic Lotus Order)


Obscure dark death metal vs. progressive black metal. Both bands are from Australia. Limited to 333 copies, total copies with most on black vinyl and a very limited number on light blue vinyl.

7" · (Serpents Head Reprisal)

Exploding in a repulsive cloud of powder burns and mustard gas, MALARIA plows mercilessly through the carbonized remnants of the P.C. funderground. Combining the most abrasive elements of early death metal with the relentless intensity of proto-grind, these... (See More)
7" · (Final Agony)


Cryptic and haunting black metal. Limited to 400 copies.

7" · (Armee de la Mort Records)


The Pictavian bastards and the satanic horde from Kadıköy are back with exclusive tracks for this vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Only for those who still worship Black Metal the ancient way. Blasphemous cover art by Sickness 666.

7" · (Morte Creations)


MARCHING CHURCH is an act that is hard to grasp. For this recording, Elias Ronnenfelt (ICEAGE) delivers 5 tracks of unusual music.

Originally released on cassette by Posh Isolation. Limited to 300 copies.

7" · (Release the Bats)
MEGAN is the solo noise project of Johan Suurballe Wieth of ICEAGE. Fellow Dane HÄNDER SOM VÅRDAR is best known for a number of well-received tapes of musique concrete and experimental sounds on Posh Isolation, Järtecknet, Total Black and other... (See More)
One-sided 7" Flexi · (Breathing Problem Productions)

53 Songs in 6 minutes. Old school Noisecore assault grind for fans of early ANAL CUNT, ARSEDESTROYER, WORLD, 7 MINUTES OF NAUSEA and NIHILIST COMMANDO.

7" · (Breathing Problem Productions)
MENTAL ABORTION deliver 90 tracks of old school noisecore assault in 6 minutes and 52 seconds! Recorded with new live lineup adding Venom 84 on drums and Deformed Pig on noise guitar! Recorded live in the studio!

REEKING CROSS play blasting... (See More)
7" · (Dead Section Records)

Atmospheric black metal from the US. Limited to 200 copies, with insert and silk-screened covers.

Gatefold 7" · (Iron Bonehead Productions)

Canadian desecrators NECROHOLOCAUST and US maniacs MANTICORE have united on this long awaited split to blaspheme the name of Christ and rise high the banner of Satanic conquest! Two new and exclusive tracks of utterly bestial black/death filth from... (See More)
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