12" LP · (Barghest)

"Thus we bring loathly terror upon the one whose life and the light of whose faith we resent! The individual is a blind mechanism; the ingenious calculation, the imposing harmony, is in the whole, the ritual integration of the opposites in the crucible of fullmoon's light."

Mōnaþfylen is the powerful and diverse debut from English black metal band ISENSCUR. Surges of pounding, primeval violence flow into soaring, windswept melodies and engulfing atmospheres of oceanic depths...

12" black vinyl LP with artwork/lyrics insert. Please note that some of these covers received small bends or dings in transit. All of the vinyl is mint. I'll be shipping out the ones with no damage to the first orders. If you need a perfect cover, please email first to double-check that we aren't down to the ones with minor damage.

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