12" LP · (Vaticanian Roadkill Records)


35 minutes of unrestrained and bold audial art to shake the contemporary underground metal music movement back to life from its almost stagnant, frivolous, and comatose-like state and to encourage the like-minded few to answer the call and to join in pushing the envelope even further. On Itsensänimeävä, musical ideas are drawn from a variety of sources: 20th century compositional techniques meet the primitive, straightforward energy of black/death metal pioneers, the main drive and focus still on the genuine discoveries along the search for something more real than predigested cultural patterns. Heikki Kivelä's drumming gives pounding rhythmic forms to the disturbing mass of Jari-Matti Nurminen's guitars with martial arts-infused clarity of movement and precision. All three members contributed to the lyrical body from which Harri Talvenmäki with his language-based vision forged litanies of horror for the ordinary mind.

Featuring former member of FLESHPRESS and current members of JUMALHÄMÄRÄ. Highly recommended for fans of VED BUENS ENDE, CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, VENUS STAR or ULVER.

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