7" · (Analog Worship)


A split 7" of absolute ferocity from two of Canada's best current bands.

RADIOACTIVE VOMIT emerged in 2010 with their debut demo Vomit Command Until Suicide. Using the foundation laid by legends such as BLASPHEMY and CONQUEROR, they imbued the blackened sounds of war metal primitivism with the grime of D-beat punk. They followed this up with 2012's well-regarded Witchblood tape. Their side of this split continues down the same path of depravity. Recorded and mixed by VK (of the mighty VASSAFOR), this is their strongest work to date. Hail the Vomit Cult!

COLUMN OF HEAVEN are probably best known as a sort of "continuation" of powerviolence/noise fanatics THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, but that all-too-easy pigeonholing does the band no justice. COLUMN OF HEAVEN is its own beast entirely. The tracks they present on this split represent merely one facet of COLUMN OF HEAVEN, in this case that of noise-drenched deathgrind. For those who have been following the band from their inception, their half of this split will be a welcome repast; for those as yet uninitiated, prepare to inhale the stench of death and see the light.

100 copies are available on clear vinyl [SOLD OUT] on a first come, first served basis; the remaining 400 copies are on black vinyl.

A simultaneous pressing of this record is being released by UK label Feast of Tentacles. We highly encourage our European comrades to obtain a copy from them to save on shipping.

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