Gatefold 12" LP · (Dark Descent)


Exploring the depths of the subterranean caverns in which they dwell, CRAVEN IDOL have reached beyond their blackened thrash roots by incorporating elements of doom, traditional heavy metal and classic death. The result is eight incantations of extreme metal as it was known in the days before the subgenre pigeonholing and trend-fucking allegiance to scenes.

Towards Eschaton, which features artwork by Paolo Girardi, represents the culmination of CRAVEN IDOL's dark visions to date. A coalescing of the band's new and older material results in a mercurial assault, but one whose constituent parts each read from the same bloodied hymn sheet. Thematically the album deals primarily with the rotten fabric of religion and the depraved notions birthed upon its gilded altars. Musically the record owes fealty to the maligned era in which black and death metal juddered into unlife, born dead in cemeteries haunted by relentless riffs and the screams of the hellbound. The beasts of BATHORY, POSSESSED, VENOM, ABSU, CANDLEMASS, SARCOFAGO, BELIAL, MANILLA ROAD, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, MERCYFUL FATE, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, INQUISITION, SAMAEL and AUTOPSY have all left their mark on Towards Eschaton.

Presented with a gatefold jacket with black inner sleeves and pantone print. Available on limited FIRE ORANGE vinyl and standard black vinyl.

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