Cassette · (The Level Of Vulnerability)


Side A features the original Mint Egy Nemzőképtelen Tiszavirág EP recordings found on the CD: nearly 20 minutes of playing time, from experimentalish field recordings, to sheer harsh Power Electronics. Pretty diverse, despite its short length. The production of this EP is "golden mean", which means it's not dirty, or lo-fi at all, but also not so clear... somewhat in the middle of these two. Vocals are ranging from simple talking, to extremely high pitched screams. Recommended for anyone who likes Noise, P.E. and similar genres, or liked any previous HALALNIHIL material. Side B features the previously unreleased full uncut field recording utilized to create the first track. This is the second tape release of HALALNIHIL's own label, The Level of Vulnerability. Limited edition of 55 copies.

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