One-sided 12" MLP · (RSR)


Finally, the incredible debut demo has been put to vinyl. Highest possible recommendation, of course.

THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE is dead and in their wake COLUMN OF HEAVEN has risen. C.o.H. has Nolan and King from the Blockade lineup continuing on, at this point in their development, in a similar fashion to the later period Blockade material (i.e. Primitive). While Blockade hinted and flirted with the mix of noise/experimental music with powerviolence, this six-song monster sees those ideas taken to their endpoint, fully incorporating noise, dynamic samples, extra instrumentation and experimental soundscapes into a metal-tinged powerviolence framework. Blasts of harsh noise and brutal hardcore mix with quieter, creepier atmospherics to make for an engaging and powerful listen from start to finish.

Limited to 400 copies.

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