Cassette · (Whispering Eye Recordings)


The reality you know could change at any moment. What you once knew will never come back beyond this point. In the blink of an eye, an existence of serenity and normality can change into a horrific, living nightmare. You are now just prey at the mercy of a predator...

EN NIHIL delivers some of his most intense, foreboding sounds yet with this split material. Overpowering low-end rumblings, rapid blasts of static and eerie vocalizations set the tone for this sonic chamber of suffering.

PROCESSION OF THE BLACK SLOTH creates a rather unsettling atmosphere with deranged vocals, grating orchestral tones and dense layers of piercing electronics and psychoacoustics. A dreadful audio account of an ill-fated encounter with a truly demented mind.

Pro-manufactured imprinted cassette with 4-panel J-card. Edition of 100.

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