12" LP · (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Two of Chile's finest, foulest black/death barbarians, HADES ARCHER and SLAUGHTBBATH unite for a special split release. Each band occupies their own side of this limited edition vinyl LP, and each is titled accordingly: HADES ARCHER with Circus of Abominations, and SLAUGHTBBATH with Antichristos Thanatos. HADES ARCHER's side is appropriately titled, as the band who brought you the infamous Penis Metal EP blasts forth with a five-pronged attack of throbbing, pulsing bestiality that's as hypnotic as it is harrowing, perverse as it is punishing. On the reverse side, SLAUGHTBBATH dive deeper into the mysteries of the occult, and conjure forth a whirlwind of death energy that positively reeks of sulfur, sacrilege, and salaciousness. Once again, South American darkness rises to devour the light, and Iron Bonehead is there at the frontlines.

Limited to 500 copies.

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