Cassette · (Beläten)


The bewildering number of styles present on this cassette makes it almost impossible to describe what's awaiting the listener. In their attempt to recreate the ambience of the swamps of their native Louisiana, ASHBURN COUNTY pull in influences from cinema (notably S.F. Brownrigg's films), photography (Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Clarence John Laughlin) and music (ranging from SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE to COIL), and then builds up their very own mythology full of melancholy and terror, ghost tales and dancing skeletons. A visual universe in which each song is like the sequence of a film.

ASHBURN COUNTY is the work of Leroy Delbert Quebedeaux and a long line of collaborators. Our Dead Selves Rises was compiled by Beläten from two private edition CDrs, Scenes of Daily Life in the Rural South and Ashen-Faced. Some of their previous work has been published with art books released by San France Disko.

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