Cassette · (GoatowaRex)


Analog Worship is the exclusive US distributor for this release.

45 minutes of ritualistic ambient and shamanic trance-inducing soundscapes. Professionally duplicated tape. Red cassette shell with black imprinting. Pro-printed full-color j-card.

In the year 2010 a small collective colluded together in Sydney Australia by stringent immersion in the worlds of Ambient Avant-garde music, mystic exploration and ritualistic art.

Since the elusive birth of AGLS the membership grows and contracts sporadically with each recording.

Each performance serves as a musical ritual; ancient and shamanistic as it strives to attain gnosis through musical and rhythmic trance. The ensemble is transient & ephemeral based upon acoustic and electric/electronic instruments - sometimes especially created for each recording. The use of conventional instruments and percussion through to synthesizers, theremin, tone generators and various forms of modulation create the haunting and unsettling world that is the AGLS live experience.

Instruments, colours, individual frequencies and significant days of the calendar are chosen so as to best to achieve and express the intent of the work. Each performance is enacted in complete darkness after the candle light is snuffed for sensory deprivation. The combination of extreme volume, ritual incense and no light creates a sense of disorientation and an otherworldly sensation. The line between conscious and the subconscious blur into a transcendental journey.

The recordings serve as documentation of the spontaneous activity that transpires in these performances. The released material is a mere snapshot of the live rituals which in some cases last for hours, leaving the participants both physically, emotionally and mentally drained. AGLS have decided to make their work available to the public for the first time. In collaboration with GoatowaRex the future will see further public releases.

The intent behind the AGLS collective is to tap into the darkest corners of the psyche through am age old Gnostic paradigm; to unearth the hidden force of change - in certain aeons known as Satan and to come to know in at least some small portion a fraction of that hidden world- through the ageless medium of sound.

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