Cassette in oversize case · (Prime Ruin)


After much delay, the long awaited full-length from TREVOR CLEMENT is finally available. Conceived as a sonorous companion to CLEMENT's forthcoming photographic artist-book of the same title, Inverted Mountain expands upon suggestions, landmarks, and visual passages made within the graphic narrative. Conceptually (but not always aesthetically) similar to JOHN CARPENTER's Escape from New York OST, what is not seen may still be heard, and what is seen can be further told. The musical content covers a full range of styles from ambient, to rhythmic, to melodic, to tumbling elevators of full sound. Each cassette is ambitiously housed within an oversize soft case with double-sided printed covers and sealed with a black sandpaper OBI strip. Within the case is a painted cardstock folio containing five original 4"x6" photographic prints by the artist.

CLEMENT is more prominently known for his work in HUNTED DOWN, JAPANESE FURNACE, LAKE FOREST and WHITE GUILT, as well as being the conclusive administrator of Badlands in Syracuse. His visual work has been shown at Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, NY, at the NoFound Photo Festival in Paris, France, as well as at Light Work in Syracuse, NY, for whom he is a 2014 Grant recipient.

C60, limited to 60 copies.

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