Cassette · (Fettered Redwoods)


With his debut EP, Nielevä Pimeys, þjazi of the Finnish Horde GAMBANTEINN evokes an almost primal instinct in the mind. Forged throughout the better part of 2013, this 5-track EP brilliantly mixes elements of Black Metal and Thrash with tales of þursian worship and a respect for the destructive forces of Scandinavian Mythology. A balance of ferocity and melody captures the listener and transcends them into a Berserker style rage, challenging all the normal stimuli of reality and presenting them with an invitation to the dark elements of Germanic Mysticism. Fettered Redwoods is honored to present this debut effort by GAMBANTEINN, committed to pro-pressed tapes with a limitation of 200 copies.

Bow to the wisdom of the Primordial Giants!
Liberation through Chaos!

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