12" LP · (Northern Heritage)


The story of this release dates back almost a decade. Originally, this was scheduled to be released on a new Finnish label, but after they quit without releasing anything the whole project was taken over by Northern Heritage. Over the years, there were small changes in plans and modified tracklists, and attempts to release this were further postponed... Yet finally after many many years of waiting, these three horrid Finnish black metal bands assault your ears.

The MUSTA SURMA material is from the same session as their tracks on the Crushing the Holy Trinity compilation and their 7" on End All Life. Cold and cruel black metal.

BLOODHAMMER offer three new tracks from three different sessions. From heavy and boneheaded old school brutality to majestic atmospheric mid-paced darkness.

ANNIHILATUS do what they do best, brute and offensive declaration of war and annihilation.

This release also featured the track "Christian Holocaust", where members of each of the three bands join forces.

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