Cassette · (Angst)

Contempt is a brand new release that is both a collaboration and a split between the acclaimed Tuscan extreme noise act L.C.B./LE COSE BIANCHE] and the legendary WERTHAM, Lombardy's supplier of antisocial electronics for two decades.

L.C.B. delivers 4 tracks in his personal style, featuring highly saturated sounds and manic vocals shouted in Italian. WERTHAM is present with his trademark full-frontal analog aggression, vocal wreckage and explicit samples. Furthermore, thee tape is completed by two collaboration tracks blending both styles together. As the title suggests, Contempt includes 10 hymns for the socially impaired, focusing on obsessions, disabilities, phobias, predatory instincts and good-old antisocial tendencies. C50 in a black-and-white J-card illustrated by Marco Deplano.

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