10" MLP · (Deep Six)


This split sound document between MAN IS THE BASTARD and Finland's BIZARRE UPROAR was recorded by Barnes (M.I.T.B. side) and Markkula (B.U. side) and originally released as a 7" split EP in 1993. The M.I.T.B. side of the record—titled Sanctity of Oil— features five songs and delves deep into various human emotions and inner conflicts dealing with insurmountable fear; the inner mind and also being hemp conscience. Recorded at The Headquarters by original guitar/noise member Barnes, Sanctity of Oil is uncompromising and adventurous in the classic "skull way", always reaching to acquire the perfect marriage of intellect and musical, progressive attack. BIZARRE UPROAR's "Session of Extreme Nihilistic Horror" explodes on the opposite side of the platter, carving deep audio wounds into the listener's minds and thought processes. Feverish raw detonations of percussive sound that NO ONE on this earth can do like B.U. Pasi Markkula (former drummer for AUNT MARY) creates a backdrop for human destruction through a rigorous, extreme, volume drum onslaught.

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