12" LP · (:retortae:)

:retortae: is happy to present its second collaboration with our friends from outstanding Beläten family. After the instantly sold out epic triple LP release from TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, the mastermind behind Beläten, this time they offer the vinyl compilation of the best tracks from one of the most intriguing and unusual members of this Swedish label's roster – MICHAEL IDEHALL. Starting in 2011 with a collaboration tape with Thomas Martin Ekelund (the man behind TREPANERINGSRITUALEN), he continued further with several obscure tape, online and vinyl releases, preferring to stay a bit in the shadow. Nonetheless he got many devoted fans quite quickly, and in a short time greater interest from a wider audience had arisen. Due to these demands Michael has decided to enter further into the light and has agreed to do more widespread releases. Last year's Ant-Zen CD reissue of two older tapes was the first of them and the second one is now being presented; it is, one might say, a "Greatest Hits" LP. The album includes the best and most accomplished compositions from previous releases as well as two tracks not available on any physical matter before, plus one track which is totally new. In terms of sound, the rhythmic elements are combined here with a very gloomy and sinister mood that could remind us of some Galakthorrö heroes (perhaps HAUS ARAFNA or NOVEMBER NÖVELET), but in terms of darkness Michael goes much further, closer to his friend TREPANERINGSRITUALEN and sometimes as far as only the great COIL have gone in their wildest dreams. So, we are proud to welcome all of our friends to this dark and dystopian world, sometimes brutal, occult and frightening, sometimes sensual, perverted and ecstatic, but always trance-inducing and dwelling.

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