Cassette · (Angst)


Gothenburg's bad blood at its finest and an old favorite here since the early efforts on Utmarken and Järtecknet. To Fetter Ghosts of Atrocities continues FEBERDRÖM's long running fixation on death as an unavoidable part of human existence.

The majority of the recording was done in the summer of 2015 while working the night shift at a nursing home. To some, summer is the season of death, and people were either dying like flies or hovering on the edge of life. Nights were filled with anxiety and slow decline; organs failing, the last breath and postmortem changes. This suffocating environment ultimately became the main inspiration for the release. Crude electronics, rhythms and layers of synthesizers and, for the first time, also vocals. One of FEBERDRÖM's most focused and bleakest works so far.

Edition of 6o.

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