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The essence of Darkness. Swirl of the Sinister Shadows hosts two psalms from the Devil's unfathomable abyss, two chants from the unearthly void that drench our vessels and resound in the vacuous netherworld. MONS VENERIS is a shifting form but not of essence. Be it with unembodied sinister howls or chaotic snarls of six-string terror, the whole destructive and creative force is the same, the one that lurks Below. Interchangeable to the audial haze, the artwork manifests the insidious and abstract approach illustrative of the creator's metaphysical spectrum.

By will or harm, Black Gangrene is once again proud to propagate MONS VENERIS' wrath under Satan's eye, a shared vision of subterranean might.

"Blood is drained to our vile spirit..."

Avé Sathanas!

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