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Thy Invocation of Hell was the first Southeast Asian Black Metal manuscript ever. It was edited by The Baron (vocalist of cult Malaysian black metal band VULGA) and originally unleashed in 1995. Featuring interviews with countless Black Metal bands from the second wave (read description below). Most of the interviews were conducted around 1992 until 1993 at the beginning of Black Metal's most important years. This zine got delayed and was not released until 1995 because Black Metal became commercial (since Euronymous was killed in August of 1993). Only a handful of copies got printed in 1995 and most of them were spread around the local Malaysian scene only. It also features tons of important Black Metal flyers, posters, bands' original biographies, etc. from all over the world that were spread back then (the old days) through letter correspondence. Now it's time for the worldwide extreme metal collectors to be able to read it!

Featured interviews:
BLASPHEMY (answered during Gods of War era)
BEHERIT (answered during The Oath of Black Blood era)
IMPALED NAZARENE (answered before Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz was released)
BARATHRUM (answered during demo days)
THE BLACK (answered during demo days; with bonus ETERNAL DARKNESS interview, pre-THE BLACK)
SAMAEL (answered after Worship Him was released)
Osmose Productions (answered when they were still a small label)
PAN-THY-MONIUM (answered during Dawn of Dreams era)
MYSTIFIER (answered during Wicca era)
ABYSMAL (answered during demo days)
PANDEMONIUM (answered during demo days)
LULLABY (answered during demo days)
ROTTING CHRIST (answered after Thy Mighty Contract was released)
VARATHRON (answered during demo days)
NECROMANTIA (answered before Crossing The Fiery Path was released)
ANCIENT RITES (answered during Evil Prevails EP era)
DENIAL OF GOD (answered during demo days)
IMMORTAL (answered before Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism was released)
EMPEROR (answered by Mortiis before In the Nightside Eclipse was released)

Bonus features:
VULGA history (insights from The Baron)
VULGA new 2016 interview (in-depth 6 pages)
VULGA gig pictorial (their only gig in 1996)
Baron & The Black Mass gig pictorial (2016)
SEXTRASH gig pictorial (from 1991)
Euronymous letter (MAYHEM)
Xytraguptor letter (SAMAEL)
Samoth letter (EMPEROR)
SODOM interview
SAMAEL interview (from 1991)

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