Cassette in special packaging · (Collapsed Hole Noise)

DETERGE is Jim Haras, owner/operator of the great Fusty Cunt label, and by this time he should need no introduction. Perhaps best known for jaw-dropping live sets and limited short-length tapes exploring various forms of power electronics and harsh noise along with strong conceptual subject matter, on Incipient Paralysis we get two lengthy sides of truly mindblowing harsh noise. No fancy expensive boutique electronics or gimmicky editing tricks - just pure, violent, crushing, free-flowing NOISE in the truest sense of the word. This tape has all the elements I love and they are executed perfectly - the whole stereo field is utilized with densely layered static and painful electronics, piercing microphone feedback, metal smashing physical abuse, and maniacal vocal outbursts, giving this recording a stream-of-consciousness feel.

Obsession, dedication, worship, catharsis... all hitting you like a brick to the face.

Hand-painted tapes dubbed real-time, packed in a 5x6" ziplock with painted cardboard insert, limited to 75 numbered copies.

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