12" LP · (Heidens Hart / New Era Productions)


AT LAST. 22 years after its original release, now for the first time on vinyl. The second album of the Dutch originators of "Orthodox Black Metal" and one of the most requested albums for vinyl format in the history of underground Black Metal. Whereas the first album was primitive BATHORY worship to many, this album was recorded by Orlok alone and presented a big improvement, yet still offering true, raw and grim black metal known for its insane vocals. The album includes tracks like "Fire & Blood", "Aleidis" and "Bloed in the Sneeuw" (probably the first ever black metal track with Dutch lyrics) among other. There are no tracks on the album that over the years did not became classics for any fanatic of the band.

Mastered for optimal vinyl sound and limited to 500 hand-numbered copies with inlay including all lyrics. All copies on black vinyl.

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