Cassette · (Psychic Violence)


After a lauded demo and split release in 2014, Oakland's AKATHARSIA emerge again with their debut full-length, No Generation Without Corruption. This 10-track frenzied assault on the senses shows the band favoring and expanding upon the more grotesque and manic aspects of their pre-album sonics, distilling their songwriting to ephemeral 2-3 minute bursts of fury that owe as much to GAUZE and RUDIMENTARY PENI as to ILDJARN. Rotating primarily between a violent pogo, knuckle-dragging stomps and occasional grinding blasts, the songs are uniquely memorable for music this ferocious, a testament to the band's inspired approach to songwriting. AKATHARSIA's ability to blur the line between hardcore punk and black metal, both in praxis and ideology, uniquely sets them apart from the legions of "raw black metal" bands that plague the funderground.

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