12" LP · (Northern Heritage)


Originally these compilation archives were issued in edition of 500 copies and sold 1 copy per customer from the Northern Heritage mailorder. They were never available in wider distribution and the pressings have remained the smallest CLANDESTINE BLAZE vinyl editions until now being made available again. These new versions sound better than the old versions, simply due to traditional lacquer cut masters as opposed to DMM. A slight mastering job has been done, but the LPs remain very faithful to the original material.

Tracks 1 to 3 are the Below the Surface of Cold Earth tape. Recorded in February 2002, this remained exclusively a tape release until now despite being one of the most professionally produced CLANDESTINE BLAZE recordings.

Tracks 4 to 8 are the There Comes the Day... tape, early rehearsal versions of the Fist of the Northern Destroyer album from October 2001, including tracks that never appeared on the full length.

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