Before you ask... yes, this is expensive. Shipping for the parcel was about equal to the wholesale cost.

Balls will drop and eyes go “pop” because the new, seventh issue of Witchcraft is here to please your eyes. Behold the 92 colored pages full of useless crap, drug-fueled layout and pointless writing! It’s thick, it’s brutal, it’s annoying – it’s GREAT!

We wasted everybody’s time again by sending our superficial questions to bands like CAUCHEMAR (Canada), TÖXIK DEATH (Norway), MIRTHLESS (Peru) and EURYNOMOS (Germany) while exhuming more rotten interviews with ORDER FROM CHAOS (USA) and DUNKELHEIT (Norway). In between we filled the gaps with tons of waste like classic METAL pictures, updates on current Nuclear War Now! releases, another whopping label feature about The Crypt, a nice bunch of articles and oddities and what not.

Oh, let’s not forget the big ass 30-page "Twilight Zone of Zines" column including tons and tons of fanzine related things, freakin’ VINYL CORPS stuff, bits and pieces of each and everything, articles AND even reviews – can you believe it?

All this and more, housed in a whopping presentation map including two vibrating posters of Canada’s one and only CAUCHEMAR as well as German '80s blacking metal, sons of evil POISON!

Can you handle it? Because ordinary fanzine days are over!

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