Cassette · (Sodomistic Rituals Productions / Silver Key Records)


From the hotbed of Panama comes ANTUMIA to bring forth unholy rites of rural-sounding Black/Grind/Noise. Formed by current and former members of various Noise & Metal acts from Panama such as ABATUAR, ENSLAVER, CHRIST SNACKS, JEFE DE LA MORGUE, etc. and supported on drums by Nadasdy of MADRE COCA/ EXPULSED ANGEL from Germany. Expect harsh sounds to please filthy minds & urges.

On the other side the offering brought forth is called CULTUS ASAL. An old project, recorded in 2013, belonging to the infamous Naestweth Havn Kult soiled in Denmark. It slumbered underneath a nest of worms. The vocals sounds like an infernal beast of prey, with some filthy Black/Death Metal in the authentic Dansk way. Eight short, impulsive outbursts to spit forth anger & audio brutality.

Limited to 120 copies.

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