12" LP · (Me Saco un Ojo)


28 minutes of pummeling Finnish Death Metal. One of the best new DM bands to emerge in recent years!

The epitome of self phagocytized Death Metal cannibalism or the dilemma of being a stubborn running aground the swamps of thickest riffs and un-fondest terrifying experiences. Not a fancy nor easy listening exercise at all, but a metastatic musical grower is what GOREPHILIA are and come up with on a severe offering accurately baptized as Ascend to Chaos. The ugly apparent disconcert of their Babelic craziness is the actual surrender to a form of constructing songs that aren't intented to be hookers at first sight, but endowed props of a grim scenario that has to and deserves being contemplated with perspective and a certain dose of endeavour. A demostration of utter remorseless will for those who dare to look with defiant and respectful aim to the bottomless eyes of demise itself, aware of its dangers within and seduced by the drugged atraction that only the forbidden, vile and corrupted arise with untold passion in the heart of man.

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