Cassette · (Strange High House)

BLACK IRON PRISON offer 5 short bursts of harsh vocal and drum bombardment. A blanket rejection of traditional rock modeled bands, eschewing established extreme music trends, BLACK IRON PRISONn have stripped their outfit down to only pummeling drum patterns (aided by electronic triggers) and insane vocal delivery. The result is bold, ugly, and real. A far step away from the music members may be best known for; Eric King (COLUMN OF HEAVEN, THE ENDLESS BLOCKAFE, ILMESTYS, etc.) and Matthew Carroll (THE ENDLESS BLOCKAFE, FARANG, etc.) are charting new aural territory with this polarizing and quizzical project.

CLEAN materialize one new disgusting vision of murky and frantic ritual. Filthy with low end, frenzied vocals and scrap metal abuse, all crudely executed in a burning moment of hatred and understanding. Some wicked alchemy of noise & metal, the result is greater than the sum of its parts: BLOOD TABOOED.

Edition of 100 pro-dubbed cassettes.

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