Zine · (Terozin)

After a couple of years of hiatus Terozin is back with a bang – unholy manuscript number 6, celebrating the raw and obscure forms of the metalnoise damnation. Despite some visual flaws and all the other troubles, this delayed, cut & paste creature came to life in 200 hand-numbered copies and on its 64 decaying A5 pages you will find spits of evil from the following dwellers, deathmongers and antisocial outcasts:

PERVERTED CEREMONY (BE) – black/death metal under the sign of pussy juice, dirt and chainsaw sounds
FORBIDDEN TEMPLE (BE) – harsh, cold and evil black metal from the dark ages of plague
DEIQUISITOR (DK) – death metal diving into dark visions, mysteries and extraterrestrial lifeforms
SOLARMASS (NZ) – exploring dystopian visions and hitting harder than Brenton Tarrant...
INFERNALIS IRAE (BR) – obscure black metal, untouched by trends and rooted in the old ways
DEATHLY SCYTHE (CHL) – deathrashing obscurity attacking and consuming post-mortem tissue
EXPULSED ANGEL (GER) – hooded villains attacking the weak with sounds of blasphemy and terror
HELLAVENGER (CHL) – blasting killer ancient black/heavy metal, surrounded by graveyard fog
MORBID PERVERSION (BRA) – commanders of sodomy, lust and raw death metal
OLD CRUCIFIX (MEX) – tyrants among countless pretenders - black/thrash of the filthy kind
HATROSS (PAN) – demonic incarnation of Central American deathrash brutalism

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