Alert! Huom! Obs! This issue concentrates on pure nostalgia.

A few years ago Arise! editor Antti Klemi (CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, ABSOLUTE KEY) made a personal list of the hundred best albums ever. Then he started to think how well he knows these albums. And after that he started to make this issue, which concentrates on six albums from that list.

This is a work of a not-so-young teenager who lived through the mid/late nineties with Nuclear Blast catalogs, Terrorizer magazines and worshiping Peaceville. No groundbreaking points of view or searching for the meaning of life, but six in-depth interviews about these pieces of art:
KATATONIA: Brave Murder Day
AUTOPSY: Mental Funeral
MY DYING BRIDE: Angel and the Dark River
FORGOTTEN WOODS: Curse of Mankind
NUIT NOIRE: Lunar Deflagration

24 b/w A4pages, simple layout, small font, what else do you need?

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