Gatefold 12" LP · (Urashima)


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ATRAX MORGUE was one of the very few names to inherit the sound and annihilating effect of the power electronics school of the early 1980s. He remained faithful to visceral (anti)sounds, no structural enrichment, no attempt to improve: the skeleton of nothing, the absolute point of no return, the representation of non-being, the rejection of learning, the most total desert. Overcome was released for the first time on vinyl by Slaughter Productions in 1999. A raw album that reflects the most total cancellation not only in theoretical purposes, but is also a global clean slate in repeated, obsessive, distorted, monolithic sounds; ATRAX MORGUE's music curves in on itself, becoming non-sound and denying any possibility of its own existence. Disturbing and minimal, the album flows with total resignation for all 7 tracks, without granting minimum penalty discounts to those who approach it.

New mastering in 2020 by Andrea Marutti. Pressed on 140g virgin black vinyl with a reverseboard printed gatefold jacket. Limited to 199 copies. Unquestionably one of the most important ATRAX MORGUE reissues ever! Grab it fast before it disappears.

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