7" · (Mendeku Diskak)


After their debut demo tape in 2018 and playing unsparingly around the Basque Country this last year, REVERTT have released their first record. 5 songs of mean, raw, stomping mid-tempo hardcore punk, as rough as the Basque coastline and weather, urgent and pissed off.

These 4 young lads from BERMEO, swinging between the skatepark and the practice room, managed to emerge among dozens of bands from this very little country with no personality in the sound or attitude, and kicked us all in the teeth with their very own handcrafted primitive hardcore, crazy fun and aggressive performances and now a debut 7" with the title Bermeo Skinhead Hardcore. If you are into D.Y.S., LAST RIGHTS, NEGATIVE FX, NECROS, JERRY'S KIDS, NEGATIVE APPROACH and all that This is Boston, Not L.A. stuff then I guess this might be your cup of tea.

This is the new Basque breed!! Get in the fucking pit!!

Black vinyl limited to 360 copies.

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