12" LP · (Tampereen Levyt)


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Antti Klemi has been active with CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS since 2005, and now more recently with his other project ABSOLUTE KEY. Under this moniker he has released two noisier albums, but this new album, Puut kantavat valoa ("Trees carry light"), is a combination of poetry and organic ambient/electro music. Guest vocalists (actors, singers, even a well-known Finnish author) recite poems from famous Finnish poets like Eino Leino, Aleksis Kivi and Edith Södergran. Musically, Puut kantavat valoa goes through dusty slams, mellow melodies and dark rhythms, somewhere between COIL, CURRENT 93 and PAAVOHARJU. One reviewer made comparisons to THROBBING GRISTLE. The vinyl was released in an edition of 250 copies and includes an insert.

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