Fanzine for underground rock n roll. The best new skin/punk zine I've seen in ages. Great interviews, lots of pics, old school DIY cut and paste layout. This debut issue features interviews with:

Fizzy (House of First Light, vocalist for CRIMINAL and NEW YORK HOUNDS)
BÉTON ARMÉ (Québécois Oi! powerhouse)
PAROLE 80 (punk from Austria)
LETHAL DOSE (Texas Oi! with a healthy infusion of USHC and UK82)
CUIR (French synthpunk madness)
Basti Skräck (vocalist for German punk & Oi! acts including SKRÄCK and THE DETAINED)
SQUELETTE (hard-hitting French Oi! with member of RIXE and FACTION-S)
NAGÖN (Serbian street rock'n'roll)
DENIM (primitive Austrian Oi!/punk)
Oi! the Boat Records (great US record label specializing in, you guessed it, Oi!)
KOLPEKA (Euskal hardcore band, demo tape out on Mendeku Diskak)
CONCRETE ELITE (stomping brickwall Oi! form Texas)
VIOLENT WAY (tough as nails Oi! from Buffalo, NY)
Noister Fetzn (German skinzine)
Offside Records (Oi!/punk/hardcore record label from France)
Victor Sauvage a.k.a. Wattie (of LION'S LAW, RIXE, BROMURE, MARABOOTS, FACTION-S, Droogies Radio, etc.)

Plus a few reviews, a couple articles and a bio of Austrian Oi!/hardcore project PRIMITIVE.

A4 size. 64 pages.

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