Second issue of this fanzine for underground rock'n'roll. Twice as thick and heavy as the debut, this time perfectbound with a glossy cover but still the same cut'n'paste layout & DIY ethos. This issue features interviews with:

Paul Bearer (SHEER TERROR vocalist)
CUERO (Basque Black Metal Skinheads)
Bad Moon Rising (Austrian punk tattoo artist)
ASPHALT (killer French garage punk)
TEENAGE HEARTS (French Oi!/punk rock, the pride of Nantes)
Chase Tail (vocalist & musician active in RMBLR and DINOS BOYS and formerly LOOSEY)
RATA NEGRA (Madrid dark punk)DIRECT THREAT (The New Wave of Denver Hardcore)
FORESEEN (Finnish hardcore thrash)
Primator Crew (the best Oi! label in France, probably the world)
AD VITAM (Montréal Oi! with the old Chiswick sound)
FUERZA BRUTA (crushing Chicago Oi!)
CASTILLO (undisputed Oi! kings of Los Angeles)
Keyböard Warriör (Swedish punk fanzine)

Plus a few reviews, an article about the final ROYAL HOUNDS (NEW YORK HOUNDS) gig and short bios of Swiss Oi! band REVANCHE and Basque hardcore punks GOLPE DE GRACIA.

A4 size. 64 pages.

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