12" LP · (Mendeku Diskak)

After the demo tape released in March 2020 it was finally time for a vinyl output of this great band from Murcia and here you have it, 8 tracks of some of the heaviest, meanest and musically richest Oi! played nowadays: guitar-driven, epic, melodic yet hard-hitting, with a metallic edge and some rock influences.

This feels like an iron fist in a velvet glove: heavy as fuck yet gentle in the delivery. Very powerful tunes with well-crafted guitar arrangements which help creating an overall monumental feel, a demolishing rhythm section with perfect sounding drums and bass distortion and an amazing vocal delivery perfectly pitched, rough and yet clear with lyrics full of pride without stupid prejudices, about personal issues, historical references, love for their land without being a stupid knucklehead, socio-economic troubles. Inspirational, menacing, prideful down-to-earth lyrics.

Black vinyl limited to 374 copies.

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