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BIZARRE UPROAR is a Finnish power electronics/harsh noise project initiated in 1992 by Pasi Markkula. The thematic subject matter is founded in extreme sexual transgressions, and rests within a totalitarian fetish culture at the explicitly perverse spectrum of human erotics. Central concepts within this context are pleasure carnage and death ritualization; mixed with an affixed seething desire to exercise fetid sexualized violence and humiliate the contemporary - sans safewords - towards utter degradative collapse. BIZARRE UPROAR makes no attempt to conceal his predatory filthy devotion. On the contrary: with sadomasochistic affection, hate symbolis and iron hard cock; BIZARRE UPROAR blatantly desires to strangle and fuck the world. The fervor for mass annihilation and the ultimate cleansing originate from corporeal anti-social instincts as lust and hate that urge to burst - explode - in all directions, leaving only crushed hope and nothingness in its wake. Can you hear the boots and latex clad masses hailing? "Verillippu nousee! Kyy Nouse!!

Twenty-three years into its run, BIZARRE UPROAR is at the apex of anti-music, progressively pushing the frontier with a consistent strain of releases. The discography counts today over 100 titles and constitutes studio albums, live recordings, splits, EPs, singles, compilations, films, numerous collaborations and studio musician appearances on external cadre's releases. BIZARRE UPROAR's work is published and distributed worldwide on imprints including Freak Animal Records, Trash Ritual, Spite, Filth & Violence, Urashima and Wrath. BIZARRE UPROAR has worked with many of today's well-established bands within underground noise and black metal, including BASTARD NOISE, DEATHKEY, GOATMOON, RIDE FOR REVENGE and GRUNT. In addition to studio related work, BIZARRE UPROAR has played shows in Scandinavia, the Baltic region, Western Europe as well as South America, and in this capacity has shared the stage with several contemporary industrial/noise acts from SICK SEED to SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND. Beyond his sonic work, Markkula have gained recognition for his visual expressions in raw xerox collages, installations and niche erotic film. In 2012, he collaborated with Jukka Siikala and Mikko Aspa on the art exhibition and integral book You are Worth It. The exposition was presented at Gallery Kalleria, Helsinki/Finland. The inherent significance of his influence on industrial culture and underground black metal bare witness to the high level of professionality BIZARRE UPROAR operates on; and that the initiative is recognized as a pioneering effort with substance by fellow musicians and a cult-following of noise fanatics.

Urashima is proud to present BIZARRE UPROAR's 2015 hate opus Amputaatio: A monumental suffocating grind that tremor with the physical density and ritual ambience of late BU saga live-performances. The material on the LP is a continuation of the era from Rape Africa (2012) to Vihameditaatio (2014), and consists of two structured compositions of a lengthy, slow-crawling, torturous nature. The instrumentation and compositional strategies extend the groundwork defined on Vihameditaatio, and is subtly balanced with Rape Africa's static rawness and brutally imploding gutter-vacuum. The metamorphosis of the two otic stances plus live-sound fervor, cement Amputaatio as a meditative and destructive volcanic mass that froth with malignant intent. All out rotten. Sheer bestiality. Total alienating filth. Recorded in the BU bunker Autumn 2014. Mastered by SS-Pekka.

The record has been pressed on 140 gram black vinyl with black center labels and poly-lined black inner sleeve, and comes housed with a double-sided insert in a deluxe black cardstock sleeve with silver silkscreen. Limited to 199 copies.

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