12" LP · (New Era Productions / Heidens Hart Records)


This split album with EVILFEAST (Poland) and UUNTAR (The Netherlands) features new material from both projects, which has been highly anticipated for some while, to put it mildly. The Slavonic and Germanic hordes joined forces in worship of ancestral blood and soil and the release of this LP finally sees the call answered with arguably both bands' strongest material yet.

EVILFEAST presents two lengthy tracks, two years after the epic Elegies of the Stellar Wind album. The project is one of those rare phenomena that improves with each release and the contribution to this split is no exception. Expect two tracks of grim pagan black metal with bombastic parts with their well-known sound and melodies.

UUNTAR is a band of two veterans in the Dutch metal scene: Herjann (CULTUS, HEIMDALLS WACHT, ex-COUNTESS, ex-MORDAEHOTH) and Nortfalke (KJELD, ex-LUGUBRE, TARNKAPPE, STANDVAST). Their debut demo hit the underground out of nowhere in 2018 and sold hundreds of copies without even one single line of promotion. This is now only their second release and the band's own sound of both melancholic and aggressive hymns is truly coming to life here.

These two bands make a perfect pairing of truly sincere and honest traditional and folkish-themed black metal. Both bands are great examples of skillful songwriting, using lengthy compositions and their own unique kind of melodies. This split is easily among the best pagan black metal genre has to offer right now.

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