12" LP · (Me Saco un Ojo)


Formed in 1987, Japanese death metal masters NECROPHILE released two demos (in 1988 and 1989), the Dissociated Modernity 7" (in 1991) and a split LP with Singapore’s Black/Death metal legends ABHORER (in 1991). NECROPHILE also appeared on the Weird Tales of Madness Vol. I compilation with TORMENTOR, FUNEBRE, PHLEGETHON, ATROCIOUS and DESOLATION, and performed live with legends such as SADISTIC INTENT and DECEASED in their heyday. Now Me Saco un Ojo has released on vinyl the definitive NECROPHILE discography collection, Mementos in the Misting Woods. Playing a style that can be classified as "thrashy death", NECROPHILE included members of pioneering early Japanese bands such as TRANSGRESSOR, CRIMINAL CHIRST, MESSIAH DEATH and, and members have gone on to play in other underground acts including ANATOMIA, HELLCHILD and MULTIPLEX.

This is the regular black vinyl edition.

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