Cassette · (Peach Pit Productions)


HANS S. MANTAK, the danish metal pioneer, has finally released his long awaited second tape, this time he re-invents Thrash Metal, like you never heard it before.

HANS S. MANTAK has been well known for his work in the Danish metal underground for years! So far he has been working with the notorious Naestweth Havn Kult, leading the Næstved metal mafia and being godfather for such young bands as GOATFAGO, BLACK MASTROBATION, BLASPHERIT, VISSEN PIND, PANOPTICAL MYCOSIS, NEDROSSEN SÆD and much more.

On this tape Hans shows another facet of his diversity, while letting the younger members of his cult play the instruments, he has taken on the important part of pulling the strings and making the songs while telling tales of his life and living.

Pro-tape limited to 40,000 hand-numbered copies.

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